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With INNTEGRA, users are allowed to use their available resources in the mobile wallet, in different alliances and agreements, in order to carry out transactions of goods and services.


INTEGRAallows you to offer your client - associate services from your cell phone. You can check your account statement, with all your products, contributions, savings, credits, insurance services, vacation reservations and much more.

  • Digitize cash to make purchases or payments.

  • You can have your debit and credit cards stored in the e Wallet.

  • Bank easily for users.

  • Pay where there are no dataphones.

  • You can check your payment history.

  • You can pay bills and/or recharges.

  • You can make transfers between users.

  • Immediacy and ease

  • Instant money availability once payment is received

  • 24/7 availability of the wallet.

  • Hundreds of payment options.


services we offer

With Inntegra you can keep your clients/associates 100% connected through

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