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       We use agile methodologies:

  • Scrum as an agile framework for project monitoring

  • Use of Azure DevOps as an integrating tool between methodology and artifacts

  • Continuous deployment for rapid generation of value to customers

  • Complete system that includes everything from digital customer linking, creation of requests, to automated credit management and collections.

  • Quick implementation: the product is previously configured to go to market in a short time.

  • Your entity does not need a development team to implement or operate the software.

  • Integrated system with bureaus, payment gateways and digital identity services to offer a flexible but secure service with a user experience that guarantees conversions.

  • Forget million-dollar implementations and licenses.

  • Your job as an originating entity will be to focus on offering the best credit products and a digital marketing strategy that attracts customers quickly.



  • Standard digital form for linking clients, with fields to fill out the information necessary to carry out the credit study, along with the SARLAFT analysis for your clients.

  • The entire customer experience will have its own brand design: colors, fonts, logo; among others.

  • Integration with information and credit risk centers: the system allows receiving real-time responses from the bureau to automate credit approval or denial decisions; or pre-approved for review by a credit analyst.

  • Upload documents: parameterize the documents that your clients must upload to complete the credit study, if necessary, and differentiated by line of credit.

  • Electronic signature to legalize contracts and promissory notes.

  • Possibility of integration with providers for identity validation.

  • It is also possible to customize the information requested in the process; that is, add or remove fields on each screen.


  • How long does a standard implementation take? Applying the styles of your entity and parameterizing the administrative module with the rules of your entity, on average 8 weeks.

  • What are the fees associated with the service? We have 2 rates: one for system implementation and a monthly fee tied to the number of applications and credits managed.

  • Can I schedule a session to learn more about how the Software works? Of course, you can schedule a session with us.

  • How does the support service work? We have 2 rates: a standard one included in the service and another with 24-hour availability with an additional value.

  • If the conditions of my products change over time, should I request new developments to update them? Our administrative portal has a product module that allows users to adjust and configure the conditions of their products according to the market situation and the needs of their entity.

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